• El Loopo is an elastic TQ holder different than all. It has one smaller compartment which have two functions:

    1. As a place for marker or chemlight. It’s always here, close to Your TQ.

    2. As distance between Plate Carrier, belt or pouches. It avoids stacking pouches one on other.


    El Loopo is suitable for most popular tourniquets - SAM XT, CAT, SOFTT-W. Smaller compartment is sized for Sharpie or standard-size chemlight.


    You can mount El Loopo on every Velcro surface in all directions. Horizontally under Plate Carrier or belt. Vertically next to Plate under Cummerbund, in Your pack or bag.


    Velcro is 40mm high, so El Loopo is suitable for all Rigger’s Belts and pants belts with Velcro surface. Because fully covered it won’t damage Your clothes.


    Velcro extends beyond elastic webbing to avoid accident peeling off.


    Product version G1.0 Regular.

    El Loopo M